AARON SKUBBY, Editor-in-Chief—

The Denison studio arts department is partnering with #ArtsUniteCbus and Columbus Creative-in-Residence Marshall Shorts to bring a series of public art installations to campus. The artwork surrounds messages of social justice and community activism. 

#ArtsUniteCbus is a Black Lives Matter public art initiative. “The murals messages ranged from support for Black Lives Matter to tributes to George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, to messages of love and hope,” according to the #ArtsUniteCbus website.

“A large mural cube is located alongside the path near Curtis East. Other murals can be found on the side of Herrick and near the Bryant Arts Center. A mural is also on display inside the Eisner Center on the lower level,” said Dr. Margot Singer, who is the director of the Eisner Center.

Singer explained that “the mural exhibitions are one component of public art and visual expression for a new aspirational racial equity campaign, Deliver Black Dreams, led in partnership with Maroon Arts Group by Marshall Shorts.”

Singer wanted to “make sure we communicate clearly to the community what these murals are and why they’re here.”

With messaging surrounding Black Lives Matter and social justice more broadly, it is important that students respect the artwork. There have been examples of stolen or vandalized artwork in past years on campus.

Stay tuned for a longer feature on the artwork in a coming issue of The Denisonian.