GIGI GEORGE, Arts & Life Editor—

‘Morbid: A True Crime Podcast’ 

This true crime podcast is both dark and lighthearted. Through witty remarks and honest reactions, the hosts tell well-researched stories sure to leave you feeling unsettled. The hour long episodes fly by, leaving you clicking for the next one. While there are a lot of crime podcasts out there, this one is the perfect balance between erie and entertaining, making it the ideal get away from all your responsibilities. 

Recommendation: “Episode 203: The Mysterious Disappearance of Brittanee Drexel” 

‘Modern Love’ 

This podcast, which was created based on the New York Times modern love column, was made for the hopeless romantic. It explores the love lives of real people–the trials, the success stories, the lessons learned. Each episode brings you a unique understanding of what it means to be, or not be, in a relationship. It discusses unlikely friendships, issues of race while dating, love language, and even loneliness. ‘Modern Love’ will leave you feeling more human than ever, something we can all use at a time like this. 

Recommendation: “Recognizing What They Had, 20 Years Too Late” 

‘How Did I Get Here?’ 

While many podcasts tell scripted stories or seek a grand purpose, this one is simple and casual. ‘How Did I Get Here?’ poses questions about everyday life–from conversations about organic food to the meanings behind certain slang words. The episodes are short which makes their content easy to digest. It’s the perfect podcast for learning things you might have never otherwise questioned. So, if you’re feeling like you need a break from memorizing chemical equations or writing a 15 page paper, check out this one and learn some new information. 

Recommendation: “Ep. #12: Night Owls vs. Early Birds” 

‘The Dirtbag Diaries’ 

This podcast was created for those who love outdoor adventures. These stories, which are told from dreamers, wanderers, and athletes, will transport you from your small dorm room to distant mountains, rivers, and trails. Episodes range from tales about biking across the United States to ones about rescuing surfers at Hawaii’s most dangerous beaches. ‘The Dirtbag Diaries’ is both inspiring and entertaining, sure to leave you craving an escape from the stressful school work taking over your life. 

Recommendation: “The Fear is Real”