About Us

The Denisonian is Denison University’s oldest student organization, publishing news for the Granville community since 1857. We are a non-profit organization funded by the Denison Campus Governance Association (DCGA) student activity fund, paid by a portion of students’ tuition and fees.

Who are we?

The Denisonian is entirely student-run. The editorial staff consists of students of all class years, academic disciplines, and personal backgrounds. The editorial staff are advised by Alan Miller, editor of The Columbus Dispatch and professor of communication at Denison University.


Editor-in-Chief: Nina Cosdon ’21

Editor-in-Chief: Liz Anastasiadis ‘21

Managing Editor: Rohan Arora ’22

News Editors: Aaron Skubby ’23, Lula Burke ’24 (Asst.)

Opinion Editor: Harrison Hamm ’24

Features Editors: Samara Benza ’23, Olivia Harvey ’23, Emma Proe ’23 (Asst.)

Arts & Life Editors: Devin Meenan ’21, Lena Massaregli ’23, Torria Catrone ’24 (Asst.)

Sports Editors: Joanne Lee ’21, Jakob Lucas ’24 (Asst.)

Photo Editors: Paula Torres ’22

Web Editor: Michael Ball ’22

Social Media Editors: Mary Clare Edwards ‘21, Paula Torres ’22

Copywriter: Sarah Wuellner ’24

Editorial staff positions are filled by Denison students through an application process, regardless of prior experience. Elections are held in November, with staff positions are rotated by calendar year. For information about editorial staff and applications, please contact Rohan Arora, Denisonian managing editor: arora_r1@denison.edu.

Contact the staff:

Office: Knapp Hall Rm. 108. Denison University. 100 W. College St., Granville, OH 43023

Managing staff email: denisonian@denison.edu.

The Denisonian spring 2020 editorial board