What do Denisonian staff members do?

A note about positions: All of the titles below are members of the editorial board of The Denisonian. As such, you will be required to: be responsible and accountable for all responsibilities listed in the description of the position; attend weekly mandatory content and advisory meetings; an optional weekly meeting with administrators in Doane. Positions are rotated by calendar year.

Editor-in-Chief (1-2 positions)

The head honcho. All section editors, photographers and writers report to the Editor-in-Chief. Responsible for all communication within and outside of the paper, and is principally responsible for running content and media meetings. Must have served at least one semester as a member of the editorial board.

Managing Editor (1 position)

The operations—you’re highly organized and flexible. The Managing Editor runs all meetings and serves as a supportive resource for writers and editors. You must be able to make budgets and communicate with the printer. Duties are similar to Editor-in-Chief. Must have served at least one semester as a member of the editorial board.

News Editor (1-2 positions)

You’re inquisitive, in-the-know and not shy about asking questions. The news editor is responsible for the first three pages of the paper—experience with Adobe InDesign and news writing is preferred but not necessary. The News Editor should be able to work under pressure, meet deadlines and think on his/her feet.

Opinion Editor (1 position)

Are you opinionated? Do you have a passion for politics, student government, academia, the environment—anything? The forum section is the place for it. This editor is a content generator, and should seek to collect opinions across the Denison community. Experience with Adobe InDesign is preferred but not necessary.

Features Editor (1-2 positions)

Do you like people? The features section regularly produces spotlights on students, staff, faculty, administrators, alumni and pieces of Denison history, as well as longer, more investigative pieces of journalism. Experience with Adobe InDesign is preferred but not necessary.

Arts & Life Editor (1-2 positions)

Are you a South Quad aficionado? Do you enjoy events and topics related to performance art, visual art, student creations and overall student lifestyle on campus? The Arts & Life section is home for you. Experience with Adobe InDesign is preferred but not necessary.

Sports Editor (1-2 positions)

Do you want to put readers right on the field, the track, out in the moment with the athletes? Our sports section aims to draw readers in and make sports writing far, far more than about stenography, while highlighting Denison’s diverse sports presence. Experience with Adobe InDesign is preferred but not necessary.

Photo Editor (1-2 positions)

If you enjoy taking photos that capture moments, know your way around basic photo editing software,  and want to lead and coordinate a talented fleet of photographers, try photo editor. In addition to the weekly meetings, you will schedule photographers for each section’s events, come in to the office and transfer photos onto the server, and make sure that they are edited and prepared for placement.

Web Editor (1-2 positions)

The future of journalism is online—and we want you to help us get there. In addition to placing content on our current WordPress site, we’re interested in developing and expanding our online and social media presence. Experience with WordPress and various social networking is preferred.

Social Media Editor (1-2 positions)

This position can be one of the most important and underrated on the editorial team. Social Media Editors are responsible for updating and managing the social media team members, updating all social media sites (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube). Proficiency is required in all of these outlets to maintain and update the public with our news outside of The Hill.

Graphic Design/Layout Editor (1-2 positions)

Like to create cool new posters, social media posts, headers, logos and more to design a new and improved Denisonian? Then this position is for you. We want to experiment with how we layout our print and online, and graphic design brings a new and improved brand to the paper. Experience with Adobe Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator is preferred.

Business Manager (1 position)

We make a great newspaper, and it’s up to you to make that clear to would-be advertisers. This position is responsible for coordinating the exchange of information, ads, and money between The Denisonian and advertisers in Granville, the greater Columbus area, and around the nation. Experience with building working relationships and working closely with businesses will be helpful.

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