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“This is my passion”

By Jackson Wu-Pong
Special to The Denisonian 


As this campaign season gets going, I can’t help but reflect on my time at Denison. These past two years have been incredibly meaningful and fulfilling, and I am constantly humbled by the kind and quality of student that attends our fair college on a hill. It is because I so love this college and my student peers that I now run for the DCGA Presidency.

The years have been busy. I have poured my heart into DCGA, first as a Representative for the Class of 2015 and then as Chair of the Policy Committee, DCGA’s arm for research and development of legislation. In this capacity, my incredible committee and myself worked to improve the student experience through resolutions for transparency in University governance and structural campus improvements, along with projects for a CarShare program and gender-neutral restrooms.

This work has both prepared and motivated me to continue my push for improving the Denison experience, empowering the student body, and bettering our campus community. I will do this first by addressing efficiency and responsibility in DCGA’s daily operation. Second, I will continue advancing current student issues while being especially sensitive to issues that will inevitably crop up. But, most importantly, I will empower and encourage students to address more fundamental issues of how we relate to one another and our college.

This is my passion. We have come so far and with so far to go, I can’t wait to get started.

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“Reconnecting our community”

By Ana Morales
Special to The Denisonian 

My name is Ana Morales, and when I decided to run for DCGA President about 3 months ago, I knew that I was responding to a need in my Denison Community. Talking to students one on one convinced me that what our community needed was a leader committed to reconnecting to all aspects of the Denison Community including DCGA.

The feedback that I received from our student body turned into our campaign theme and platform of 1) reconnecting our community, by 2) broadening the dialogue on social spaces and Denison social cultures, and 3) strengthening the roles of senators in DCGA and promoting a more involved and unified Denison. Now after 3 months of engaging in intentional conversation with my peers, we have built a strong campaign team and I am running for DCGA President.

Students should vote for me because I am here as a result of the feedback and dialogues that I have had with them. If I am elected to represent our student body in DCGA senate, I will make it a point to be as dedicated and enthusiastic as I currently am during the campaign season. I am an individual who cares deeply about our community and I believe that I am the right person to represent my student body at this time.

To my student body, I ask that you join me in reconnecting our community and that you become active in the issues that arise in our community and in DCGA, because I truly believe that there isn’t anything this community can’t do.

  • The candidates’ platforms can be found on OrgSync.