The Class of 2013’s graduation is just around the corner. In fact, it is only six days away for Denison.

Soon enough, all 1.8 million graduating seniors of the Class of 2013 across the U.S. will be join the work force. Denisonians have a tendency of being very liberal-artsy in their choices, and the following data compiled into infographic form by may give them some insights into the job market these days.

The 2013 market continues to face the consequences of a slow development rate in global market. “For the fifth consecutive year, new graduates will enter a profoundly weak labor market and will face high unemployment and underemployment rates and depressed wages,” according to the Economic Policy Institute.

However, numbers shows great improvement from last year. For the coming hiring season, statistics show:
– About 27% of campus recruiters expected to boost starting salaries
– 13% more college grads are to be hired than last year
– With a liberal arts experience, prospects are even better… Look at the top-ten lists below!

Data is compiled from,,,,, etc. Sources are listed at the end of the infographic.

College Class of 2013 Career Infographic

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