This 2013-14 school year, DCGA has collaborated with Denison administration to create a car-sharing program that will benefit both students and the environment. The program, Enterprise CarShare, works to encourage environmentally friendly practices and focuses on student convenience.

The way in which the Enterprise CarShare program works is simple. Since it is a membership-based car-sharing program, anyone wishing to use to the program will need to obtain a membership. Anyone with a valid driver’s license (international licenses will also be accepted) and a willingness to spare some cash can become a member. The membership will allow a student to rent vehicles for short term needs of several hours or for extended lengths of time. The cost of renting one of the vehicles is an annual membership fee of $35 and an hourly rental fee, $9.50 on a weekday and $10.50 on weekends. Program benefits include but are not limited to: free gas, insurance, parking, and a $25 dollar credit for the first three hours after joining.

After proof of license and payment, students will receive a membership card that activates a sensor on the driver-side window to start and end their reservation. Reservations are easily accessible and can be made online at the Enterprise Car Share Site (

Keeping the environment in mind, the program exclusively uses fuel-efficient and hybrid vehicles to reduce fuel emissions. With designated spaces at Swasey parking lot, this program aims to reduce parking problems while giving students greater mobility on campus and beyond. For this upcoming school year, Denison’s Enterprise CarShare Program hopes to make life greener on the other side not only for the environment but also for its students.