As we are heading strong into the new academic year, The Denisonian wants to give its warmest welcome to the whole Denison community. As always, we will be publishing 10 issues this semester (and you can find the publishing schedule at the end of this post). Yes, we have gone under some serious changes last semester in terms of layout and content, and will be bringing you even more amazing changes.

So, we’re here. It’s a new year. Check out TheDEN’s amazing article on some of the most amazing NEW things on campus coming back to The Hill this year (or for the first time, our dear first-years): So, what’s new?

Here’s the recap – may well be one of those coolest recaps:

  • The new President, that’s big — President Adam Weinberg came into office this July 1, becoming our 20th president after the 15-year reign of our Historian Knobel (check out this amazing features on President Knobel from the Denison Magazine). Dr. Weinberg has 3 daughters, a lovely wife, and they are going to give that Monomoy Place a whole new vibe when we visit, or may I say even the whole Denison community?
  • The website: You don’t need any description but this URL that you will visit so often for your remaining years of your life:
  • The new food: Bon Appetit succeeded Sodexo as our provider – Just that they have been receiving really strong feedback, do we need a quote testimonial?
  • The new buildings: Pay a visit to Huffman dining hall (well, no ice cream yet), and the new Weight room (wait…!)
  • The ride: DCGA (Denison Campus Governance Association) spent the whole lsat year working with Enterprise to bring this seamless experience to students and staff, faculty alike to “borrow” a car for an hour or two with only $9/hr! Wanna try? Here you go.
  • And don’t forget to check out the article for more details!

As we are moving on, don’t forget to: 

  • Attend the Involvement Fair this Thursday from 4 p.m. – 6 p.m. on A-Quad
  • There’s a UPC Piano Dueling this Friday at 10 p.m.
  • Upperclassmen – don’t forget about the Research Symposium and Internship Poster Sessions (we’ll have updates on these soon! The Internship session is going to be on September 19)
  • Checkout (I just did it again) to see even MORE events!
  • Finally, email to get involved with us! We are looking for a lot of different positions: photographers, videographers, web designers, bloggers.