Campus is in constant conversation about the importance of diverse social spaces. It gets claustrophobic, uncomfortable, and for some people, unsafe in Sunny apartments and six man suites.

So when there’s an opportunity to party outside, of course the student body wants to jump on it! That’s why we salute the new student band ‘Beach Season’.

Not only do they provide great music and entertainment, but by playing outside, at the Bandersnatch, they give students other options to have fun and be with friends on the weekend.

The only thing we have to do in return, as an audience, is to remember to respect school rules. A Beach Season concert was unceremoniously shut down about a week ago after some students in the audience were seen with open containers of alcohol.

The only way we can continue to have social opportunities like these is if we remember to follow protocol as best we can.

The band performing outside the senior apartment area.

Beach Season? Who are they?
Beach Season formed shortly after spring break 2013 at Denison University, following a long search for fellow musicians to form a band with. It’s hard to describe exactly the sound that Beach Season creates…it is essentially a combination of rock funk and blues that is uncharacteristic of any other bands’ sound. The members of Beach Season include:

  • Vince Cullen- guitar, vocals
  • Ben Dorau- keyboards
  • Katie Jenko- drums
  • Sam Moller- guitar, vocals
  • Birch Robinson-Hubbuch- percussion
  • Chris Robie- bass guitar

(Courtesy of the band’s Facebook group)

Staff Editorial – The Denisonian staff