Policy Chair Jackson Wu-Pong gave a presentation on the Gender Neutral Restrooms Resolution, which would make public restrooms on the Academic Quad with one toilet, one sink, and a locking exterior door, “single-use” without a gender designation.

Treasurer Steven Hix gave a presentation on the Clean Air, Healthy Student Resolution, a policy designed to limit secondhand smoke on campus in the fall of 2014. This had high support from senate.

According to the resolution, “Denison Campus Governance Association recommends the Campus Affairs Council move to prohibit student smoking on the defined Academic Quad, Science Quad, and Reese-Shackelford Common beginning in the Fall 2014 Semester.

It will be enforced by Campus Security on all designated smoke-free areas”, stating that “if a student is documented as having smoked within 25 feet of any previously listed academic, student life, or administration buildings while outside of the designated smoke-free areas that this student shall be determined as having smoked within a smoke free area and shall be ticketed in the same manner as those smoking within the boundaries of the previously listed buildings.”