To Whom It May Concern,

I am a student at Denison University, I am young and I am stupid and I am naive.

I was born into a sheltered environment, not because it was enforced, but because it just happened naturally. I was coddled and I was privileged and I still am.


The only sexual assaults I ever heard of were on “Law And Order: SVU” and sometimes on the news. But after watching a bunch of TV, and reading a lot of half-baked books, I came to the conclusion that no woman could ever possibly cry sexual assault without it being true, it seemed to psychologically burdening, as if that would give them a guilty conscience for the rest of their life.

And I thought that I could never be friends, or respect someone, with a man who did such horrendous things to other people, other innocent people. Therefore all of my friends were now exempt, in my head, from any sort of horrible rumor.

So when I hear nasty stuff about someone who I consider a close friend of mine I write it off immediately, as if it’s just some silly, probably jealous, person who is seeking attention.

In fact, sometimes, when I hear stuff like that, I instinctively intend to stand up for my friends, for the people who I respect and have had experiences with.

I beg of you, whether it be scorned lovers or jealous brothers, love yourselves. Love your friends. Love the people who walk on the same grass as you, who breathe the same air as you. You are safe in this community, because when push comes to shove, there will be people like me