@KenyonHookups on Twitter may be sexual misconduct

Kenyon Collegian A twitter account known as “@KenyonHookups” was shut down recently after posting five pictures of students in intimate positions at several parties at the Gambier school. The account was deleted before the college could investigate, but the Title IX coordinator at Kenyon called it “a violation of Title IX” and said that the pictures “were humiliating for the people who are in it.”

OSU student reports sex crime in campus library

The Lantern An 18-year-old female student reported “gross sexual imposition” to Ohio State’s University Police last Monday, Oct. 28. The incident allegedly occurred earlier in the month, on Oct. 2, in the W.O. Thompson Memorial Library. Officials say the matter is under investigation and that the victim and suspect were acquainted.



Failed GOP candidate Romney calls Obama “dishonest”

USA Today Former Mass. governor Mitt Romney appeared on Meet the Press on Sunday where he called Pres. Obama “dishonest” for telling Americans that they would be allowed to keep their current health care plan under Obamacare. This comes after reports that millions of Americans will have to switch health care providers because their current ones do not meet some of the provisions in the new health insurance law.



Germany to allow third gender designation on birth certificates

CBS News Germany is going to let parents keep the sex of their babies blank on birth certificates. When the children get older, they can chose “X” instead of “M” or “F” on their passports. This is specifically in the interests of intersex or transgendered children.