By Jewell Porter

When students woke up on Friday morning and looked out of their windows, there was fresh snow covering the ground. This was a sight that they would see for the next few days as Granville and its surrounding areas received the highest amount of snow they have seen this season.

As a result of the snow, Slayter closed at 2 p.m. this Sunday Jan. 26, twelve hours prior to the usual closing time of 2 a.m.  Sean Eason, Chef Manager for Slayter, said this is because his supervisors feared the “personnel working during the day would get stranded, and the [employees] for the night shift could not make it up the hill.”

Curtis and Huffman, on the other hand, remained open because they are required to provide a place for students to eat. Eason said, “if it’s difficult for us to make it up the hill, then it’s also difficult for students to make it down the hill, so we had to keep [Curtis and Huffman] open to provide somewhere for students to eat.”

But even though the two primary dining halls were open for regular operating hours, students said that there was still a low availability of the normal foods in the dining halls.

Sophomore Katie Poremba, a mathematics major from Chicago, Illinois, said, “They’ve had time to clear the snow from the roads. If they knew this weather was coming, they should have prepared for it.”

But despite these concerns, Matt Krystowski, the Café Manager for Huffman Café, said that the next produce truck is scheduled to come in on Jan. 27. He continued, “the trucks have taken longer, and it is affecting the people here.”

The snow has also affected the Martin Luther King Jr. Day festivities. Susie Kalinoski, associate director for the Alford Center for Service Learning said that a group of students was scheduled to go to Newark High School on Jan. 27 to give a presentation, but the school cancelled as a result of the snow.

In addition, the volunteers had trouble acquiring some of the supplies needed to stuff backpacks volunteers were making for low-income students at Ben Franklin Elementary in Newark, Ohio.

Granville is not expected to receive any more snow until Friday at the earliest according to