The all-nighter. That infamous bane of any college undergraduate’s existence. To resort to pulling one is the ultimate admission: the work was too much, the stress too heavy, and the pressure too consuming. But here’s a curveball – not too many people think of the positives associated with this supposed blight.

Margaret Thatcher was famous (or perhaps infamous, depending on either your political leanings or relationship with the Sandman) for governing her nation for eleven years with about four hours of sleep a night. Similarly, for those who can easily bounce back the next morning (with morning being a relative term) after a night of insomniac daze have a plethora of opportunities at their disposal.

The moment you decide to pull the trigger and declare to yourself, “Yeah…I’m not going to bed tonight…”, there are suddenly eight hours of liberated time at your disposal!  You can watch aimless videos on YouTube for hours on end.

You can bond with your fellow narcoleptically-challenged friends.  You can even test out coffee varieties as though you’re paid for it.  And before you know it…your work is still not done…

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