With constant reports of vandalism, alcohol-related medical transports, sexual assault and trespass, it should come as no surprise that the administration has decided to install cameras on residential quads. The problem is the process by which this was decided.

Where was the student input?

As a campus, we spent the last few weeks in DCGA debating about how to spend $500,000, but we had no voice in something that is priceless: our privacy and our respect.

We are adults on this campus, and we should absolutely be held accountable for our actions, especially if we are breaking the law or hurting others, ourselves, or the community. But shouldn’t we get to have a say in how we are surveilled? Shouldn’t we have a say in the installation of cameras on our dormitories, places where we retreat for comfort, privacy, and familiarity?

More cameras will be installed over spring break, and we should demand from administrators an explanation and a community debate—which should have happened in the first place. We should ask our administrators why our voices weren’t heard and why our opinions were not solicited.
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