IN THE PRESENT stage of human progress, the world faces challenges worthy of ponder and discussion. The world economy is on a slippery slope, terrorist attacks are threatening peace all over the globe, inequality and injustice is ever growing, corruption among other issues is plaguing countries and nations. The world is facing many problems to say the least. The solution to these is not to be left to a generation.

I got my driver’s license right before high school graduation in 2009. I remember that one of my friends was teaching me how to manoeuver a car in and out of poles. This friend told me something I will never forget: “back out the same way you got in”. Those words stuck because they hold the solutions to the problems of the world.

The world is a mess today because we got ourselves there, and we have the solution to all our problems. I always hear older people say; “oh the millennial generation will figure it out”. This makes me sad sometimes and unhopeful for humanity.

Don’t leave all the problems of the world to us; if the old can’t do it, I am not sure we can do it either. Everyone is in this together,  and older people need to show us the map with directions so the millennial generation will get there.

Malick Guisse is a senior French and economics double-major from Cincinnati, Ohio.