By Alexandria Martin

Staff Writer

The Slice of Life Club is an opportunity to get some more social interaction going on campus. As a way to kick off this idea, the club leaders traveled through the first year halls of North Quad to share pizza and possibly spark some conversations.

According to Evan Langford ’16, a political science major from Grand Rapids, Mich. and the students organizer of the club said, “This is a club for students to [establish a] first year bond” and to give them the opportunity to “reach out and meet people.” All first year students are welcome to join the club.

President Adam Weinberg developed the idea for the club and also funds it out of his own pocket because it allows the first year students to be exposed to events on and off campus. Langford said that Dr. Weinberg started the club because he believes there needs to be an “improvement in a social matter.”

Weinberg sees that often times first year students struggle with how to interact on campus non- academically and have trouble figuring out what club best suits their personal wants or needs. He developed the Slice of Life Club as way to improve campus socially because it gives students the opportunity to choose places they would like to go or

Langford manages and organizes the club, while Max Kelly ‘16, an economics major from Vienna, Austria; Kara Eversole ‘15, a biology major and psychology minor from Lancaster, Ohio; and Matt Pennekamp ‘15, a history major and political science minor from Hudson, Ohio all mentor the first year students.

Langford said, “He called on myself and three of my friends in order to put this club into play, my personal contribution is the brainstorming the ideas of the group and figuring out how to organize things.”

Kelly wants “first year students to make new friends, see what the Columbus area has to offer, and to offer a learning experience outside of the classroom.”

The first couple of events will include, “zoo lights which will be held during the first week of December, movie nights, farmers market trips, etc.,” said Kelly.

Langford said that the Slice of Life Club was not the original name of the club. “It initially was to be called the Leather Apron Club by Benjamin Franklin set around academic discourse, but Dr. Moller and I decided against the name because it referred to all guys and most would not get the reference.”

He continued, “We then came up with round table because it was a name centered around food because food brings people together and it also breaks the ice.” They settled on the current name because “it gave a sense of a family environment around the dinner table,” he said.

For information regarding  joining the Slice of Life Club, email Evan Langford at [email protected]