After reporting sexism, Johnstown woman faced retaliation

The Newark Advocate Jean Moyer, an employee of Johnston village, filed a grievance with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission claiming that she has been the subject of retaliation at work after she had reported her boss, Service Director Jack Liggett, for sexist comments. According to Moyer, Liggett regularly engaged in “Monday Morning Sex Updates,” where he would detail numerous lewd stories to his personal secretary and other village officials.

Kenyon charters first national sorority

The Kenyon Collegian A local sorority at Kenyon, Kappa Sigma Alpha, received a bid from Alpha Sigma Tau to join its national sorority. Alpha Sigma Tau initiated Kenyon’s current “Kappas” yesterday, thus becoming the first national Greek-letter organization to establish a chapter in Gambier.


Virgin Galactic spacecraft crashes in New Mexico

CNN Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo spacecraft disintegrated during takeoff Friday in the Mojave Desert. The ship had just detached from White Knight Two, the plane responsible for lifting it to takeoff altitude. One pilot of the ship’s team of two died, while the second is in serious condition after parachuting 45,000 feet.

Republicans likely to win control of Senate, House

The Washington Post The most recent polls indicate Republicans are poised to retain control of the House of Representatives and win the majority in the Senate from Democrats. The Republicans need only six more seats to win control of the Senate, and polls show them solidly ahead in five races. Republican victory would make the presidency opposed in both houses of legislature.


SNP could support Labour gov’t, says Scotland’s Salmond

The Telegraph Alex Salmond, Scotland’s outgoing First Minister, said in an interview Sunday that the Scottish National Party would consider a coalition with Labour following the 2015 parliamentary elections in the United Kingdom. The SNP is polling well in Scotland and poised to gain 54 seats in the House of Commons, while Labour looks likely to lose 37 of its 41 Scottish seats. Salmond said the SNP would never support the incumbent Conservatives because of their hard-line unionist policies.

Two generals compete for power as Burkinabé president resigns

The Guardian Chaos erupted in the African nation Burkina Faso after its president, Blaise Compaoré, resigned Sunday following a violent uprising. Citizens took to the streets and burned government buildings after Compoaré proposed to amend the constitution to continue serving as president. Two rival military leaders have now declared themselves interim governors.