By Kalyn Dunkins

Arts & Life Editor

Feeling saucy? Alex Meza ’16 of Chicago, Ill. is launching Salsa Night, a fiery flock of salsa dancing. The first meeting was this past week, but Meza has greater expectations for the event.

“My vision for Salsa night is one that gives students a safe social weekend alternative to crowded parties,” Meza said. He has made great use of Denison’s Red Tech team to rent out social spaces.

“These events have the potential to be a really good time,” he continued. “I’m hoping to collaborate with different organizations, some of which have already reached out to me. I want Salsa nights to be all inclusive to the campus where you can come and party with anyone from all of the different social circles at Denison.”

Ricardo Antonio ’16 of Chicago, Ill., Hannah Kubbins ’17 of Cleveland, Ohio and Saul Zamora ’17 of Chicago Ill.are assisting Meza in coordinating the event. In addition to co-hosting Salsa nights, the team is also in charge of the music selection and deejaying the music.

“I hope that this might lead to a different way to learn about a culture,” Kubbins said. “I think it would be nice to see a shift from the average Denison party to somewhat just as fun but with more depth to it.”

“Friday was a learning experience since it was the first time I, or anyone really, had registered this space,” Meza said. “There were a few drawbacks, particularly advertising. I chose not to begin advertising until I had complete confirmation that I had a green light from Denison, which was 24 hours before the event. The outcome was not as great as I had hoped, but those who attended enjoyed the space.”

Salsa Nights will take place on Fridays at 10 p.m. in the Sunset lounge.