By Rachel Epstein

Arts & Life Editor

While some students prefer to creep gradually into the school year, buying books weeks after classes have begun and procrastinating with pesky add/drop forms, students interested in Denison’s theatre program have already begun work on several exciting new performances set to open as early as Big Red Weekend.

The fall Mainstage production, which is planned to run from Oct. 2 through Oct. 10, will be the famed Greek tragedy Trojan Women by Euripedes directed by Associate Professor Cheryl McFarren.
Trojan Women is a fairly morbid and gory look at the fate of several women after the city of Troy is attacked in 415 B.C. during the Peloponnesian War.

The women must face curses, potential death and painful loss in the heart-wrenching aftermath of the Athenian downfall.

Zoe Deprez ‘18, actor of Andromache is excited to work through the creative process for the show, noting that she is “looking forward to exploring the play as a cast and crew. It’s a powerful Greek tragedy that has impacted me greatly and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.”

Trojan Women will be an exciting and intense journey through Greek tragedy with a larger cast of 22 students.

If your fall semester plans seem to err on the more eclectic side of theatre, Singer’s Theater Workshop will be performing Into the Woods and will run the show from Dec. 4 through Dec. 5 in Burke Recital Hall.

Lively and with plenty of cheerful quirk in the first act, Into the Woods presents a mash-up of favorite childhood fairy tawles combined with classic Sondheim Broadway melodies.

Interested in seeing Cinderella’s majestic prince charming, played by Steven Hix ‘16, and Rapunzel’s lock-climbing lover, portrayed by Hunter Janness ‘17, step up to a battle of impressive vocals over who loves each princess more?

If so, Into the Woods is the winter wonderland show you have  been waiting for.

It does not  come without its challenges, however, as Ej Scott ’18, cast as “Granny” points out, “I’m really looking forward to seeing how we’ll bring a forest into the recital hall, but I know it’s going to be outstandingly well done, interesting and super funny.”

The Denison Independent Theatre Association is still putting the finishing touches on their fall season, auditions for a student written and directed work entitled The Will took place on Sunday, Sept. 6.

The original piece is set to run from Sept. 25 through Sept.  27, leaving just three weeks for rehearsals.

Casting results were unavailable at press time.

The play details a story of a family who suspects the matriarch may be rewriting her will with a zany wit that seems pleasantly relatable.

As usual, Denison Theatre has prepared a jam-packed season featuring a wide range of content with some fantastic talent.