By Laura Carr and Mat Scott

Editor-in-Chief and Copy Editor

When you walk into Whit’s Frozen Custard on East Broadway, you are immediately attacked with a bouquet of sweet and slightly chilly aromas. Carafes of 50 cent coffee sit perched atop a wooden countertop running across the lefthand wall of the shop.

Whit’s shares a unique relationship with Denison and its students. The quaint shop, which opened in Granville in 2003, has a flavor called the “Denison Delight” and also accepts Denison Dollars as a form of payment. Another option is the kids’ sundaes, with names like “the Dirty Worm” and “Fish Bait,” which usually contain some mixture of gummy worms and Oreo cookies.

Even the slowly falling temperatures have not hindered Denison students’ Whit’s cravings, as they willingly add layers to make the trip down the hill for a favorite Whitser or fun flavor of the week.

The Whit’s flavor of the week is chocolate sea-salt caramel.


“My favorite Whit’s flavor is vanilla because it’s simple yet delicious!” said Ellen Mullan-Jayes ‘16, a sociology and women’s studies double major from New York.

Others enjoy slightly less traditional flavors. “My favorite flavor is black raspberry chip,” said Hunter Janness ‘17, an economics major from Troy, Mich. “I like it because it fuels my rage for all other forms of fruit that aren’t raspberry.”

Frances Hinkamp ‘16, an athletic training major from Chicago, also enjoys black raspberry chip. “Black raspberry chip is my favorite because it is the perfect blend of fruit with a little added chocolate,” she said.

Along with black raspberry chip, past flavors of the week have included pumpkin, caramel apple pie, Cookie Monster (vanilla custard with crushed Oreos and cookie dough) and Thin Mint, which tastes just as good as the Girl Scout cookie counterpart.


“I really like the Whitsers. I like the mud pie Whitsers and I like the flavors of the week because they’re exciting,” said Molly Korest ‘17, a psychology major from East Lansing, Mich. “I like Cookie Monster. I plan on going every single day of the week when it comes back.”

One of the many things Whit’s offers is an array of free toppings for their frozen custard. Options like sprinkles and chocolate syrup, as well as maraschino cherries and caramel sauce, are available at no charge. For those craving a heftier treat, Whit’s also has gummy worms, brownie bits and cheesecake bits. The health conscious looking to satisfy a minor craving can purchase a “baby cone” for 50 cents.

Photos Courtesy of Amelia Hitchens