By Katy Barenholtz

News Editor

The Denison Democrats, also known as The College Democrats at Denison University, have made a statement for their official endorsement of Dan Rogers for Granville Village Council. The group says that they “believe he will bring a strong Democratic presence to Granville political landscape.”

Dan Rogers, known campus-wide as “Taco Dan” who owns a taco bar and vintage shop in downtown Granville with his wife Barb, is a pro-Denison candidate and aims to improve the lives of the students within the city, young Granville residents and would also like to see the city more accessible for senior citizens.

Taco Dan is a big advocate for a consumer driven economy in Granville. He wants to build up Granville’s economy by “buying houses, buying pizza, cars, gas.” He also favors “loosening up certain things so more business comes to us.”

There are seven members total running for four council seats. Most of the candidates favor open business growth as well, but some wish to approach this with more caution than Rogers.

Rogers has been a fixture in the Granville community and has generated a lot of support over time with the students and the young adult population.

David Allen ’16, president of the Denison Democrats says, “We believe that he will be the correct choice and represent student values within the Granville Village Council.”

The other members running for the seats are Village Council incumbents Jeremy Johnson, Rob Montgomery and Jackie O’Keefe who are seeking reelection and three others — Dan Finkelman, Steven Mershon and Bob Ramsay.

Rogers attended the last Denison Democrats meeting on Oct. 28. There were presentations from the President of College Democrats, Mike Brill and a Teach for America representative, Stephanie Antonetti ‘16. The main topic discussed at the meeting was Issue Three which, if passed, would legalize limited recreational marijuana use.

Photo Courtesy of Dan Rodgers Campaign