Arts & Life Editor

     Students who have cracked open a book the size of four novels in a Barney-Davis room as they daydream of the iconic Shakespearean characters people have known for hundreds of years might have the opportunity to travel to England.*

     Students who’ve learned about Shakespeare’s hardships and prosperity in old England from enthusiastic professors might visit where all the anachronistic words that still float around people’s heads were born.

     After taking final exams in May, students can possibly indulge in English culture and Shakespearean theatre. Renaissance and contemporary drama scholars, Professor Lisa McDonnell and Professor Emeritus Tommy Burkett are conducting the travel seminar. During the two and a half week trip, students will visit the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, the Royal National Theatre and the Globe Theatre.

     Although students will be visiting some of the most popular tourist sites in the world, where they will participate in exclusive activities. There will be backstage tours of the state-of-the-art Royal Shakespeare Theatre and the Swan Theatre, and a possible opportunity to talk to Royal Shakespeare Company actors at their favorite pub.

     Diverse learning experiences will also enhance the trip.Two exciting weeks will be spent in London to visit many cultural events, historical sites and museums. They will visit the historical settings of some of the plays, with trips to the Tower of London, Windsor and others. Not only will students be experiencing Shakespearean drama, they will also get a taste of contemporary drama as well. Renaissance and contemporary culture will be enjoyed at the British Museum, the City of London Museum, the Victoria and Albert Museum, the National Gallery, the Tate Gallery and more.

     The seminar is only eligible for students who have taken certain English, Theatre or Seminar courses as prerequisites.

*Decisions about the May Term Seminar are not final and are still to be determined.