Special to The Denisonian

Do you feel pressure to have a high-paying, professional job after graduation?  Do you go home every break to each and every one of your family members or family friends parents asking you what your plans are for after graduation? Do you have a job yet?

We shouldn’t have to feel these pressures from ourselves, and especially not from others. After finishing an internship with T-Mobile this past summer, I realize the fun in making good money, working a ‘real job’ and surviving the working world, but why rush into that lifestyle?

As we have all heard before, our 20’s are our prime years for living each moment to the fullest, having little responsibility and endless adventuring.

I believe there is a big stigma that if you are working at a summer camp, local restaurant or living at home, you are unmotivated or just taking the comfortable route.

As young adults we should have the ability to make our own life decisions. Since most of us will be working a 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. job at a big corporation for the majority of our lives, why not take some time for ourselves?

Explore the seven wonders of the world (that you have always wanted to experience), be a ski bum for a year (or two), take a summer internship and use the money you earned for eurorailing with three best friends.

No other time in our lives are we going to have this kind of spare time without having any serious backlash from family, friends, and peers. If you have a passion, sense of adventure or want to pursue something not in the professional workforce, then everyone should be entitled to it.

For the majority of life so far, we have gone to school and done a lot of things to please our parents, added to our resume and maybe even impressed our peers. I think giving ourselves time to do something solely for oneself is therapeutic, necessary, and a new pathway for personal growth.

This unique time in our lives is for embracing change, stepping out of our comfort zones, trying new (maybe scary) things and taking risks. These are the vital, pivotal years that we need to take advantage of,denying any pressures of the ‘real world.’

A lot of people say I will work a corporate job for two years, and then travel. You will get sucked into the working world! I have seen so many people fall into this category, but hopefully someone can break that chain in the coming years.

I really think that this time in our youth is the most logical time to pursue our craziest dreams and adventures. Apart from retirement, this is the only extended period of time where we should grasp every possibility and opportunity, and explore the huge world that most people often only see a small fraction of.

As cliché as it is to say, the world is your oyster, so embark on your craziest desires and adventures.