DCGA Public Relations Chair

In the last few weeks, DCGA’s main task has been allocating the club budgets.

Finance had many long meetings this last month in an effort to get everything properly allocated and released in time.

The budgets were officially released last Friday.

In other news, a few senators have been working to get a shuttle approved that would drive students from east quad to west quad on weekends in an effort to improve safety on campus.

While senate has approved the proposal, there are a lot of specifics that still need to be taken care of before it can be implemented.  DCGA tentatively plans to introduce it this fall.

The addition of a printer in Slayter was approved recently and can be found on the second floor near the stairs, so be sure to go check it out.

Currently, a few students are working on getting a proposal approved to establish different quiet hours in the Senior Apartments.

Finally, nominations are being accepted for outstanding faculty and staff through Tuesday, March 29 so be sure to nominate your favorite faculty member or organizational advisor.