Special to the Denisonian

Intramural soccer and floor hockey teams hit the Rec. Gym last week for the first time this semester. IM soccer takes the courts Tues. and Thurs. and floor hockey Mon. and Wed. If you are looking for some fun, competitive, and student-run games, you should head down to check out the friendly, yet intense competition this semester. 

IM sports have become increasingly popular, as it gives students an outlet to hang with friends, enjoy a team sport and partake in competition amongst peers.

Lynsey Whisner, Director of IM & Club Sports and Student Wellness said, “I think that intramural sports provide students (and even some faculty – we have some leagues that faculty form teams in) with a fun and competitive event that they can do together with their friends and peers.” 

Although Whisner oversees the program, the student coordinators and staff actually run the game, and she is very appreciative of the work they contribute to the IM program.

“Some people just want something fun to do for a little while in the evening and others are out to win the championship and get their t-shirt for winning the league.  Whatever it may be it is my hope that they are enjoying their time playing and being around their peers,” Whisner said.  “I think it is a great way to meet new people and the games provide an outlet for competition.”

Conor Dunn ’16 is a member of the Boone County Kreiders team and said, “Floor hockey is great because it allows you to channel your inner Canadian and snap a couple pucks on the net with some buddies, all without having to hit the ice rink.”

Another IM floor hockey participant, Devon Chosky ’16, a first time player, and proud member of the Dirty Shirley’s said, “Even though we didn’t have enough players, we still had a really great time. I think it’s a fun way to bring different groups from around campus together.”

Avid floor hockey fan Caroline Thomas ’16 said, “It’s something new to do with friends.” IM floor hockey continues games this week, bringing sweat, laughs and more good vibes.

Charlie Pickhardt ’16, a three-sport IM player who participates on the Kappa Sigma soccer team said, “The IM sports at Denison are great because they are competitive but relaxed at the same time. You’ll find some people who take IM sports very seriously and others who don’t at all. For that reason, all skill level can have a lot of fun playing IM’s. It’s also a good opportunity to try a variety of sports since new leagues are constantly starting up throughout the years.”

Overall, IM sports supply Denison students with a unique social experience that all students should take advantage of because it could be some of the best memories during your time on the hill.