News Editor

The stair tower outside the front entrance isn’t the only thing new at Curtis Dining Hall this year. As part of a two-phase renovation project, the building also received updates to its plumbing and computer areas, as well as a completely new look for the former Curtis Veggie Room, now re-named the Provost’s Dining Room.

    “The work on finishing the inside of the new stair tower should take another week or two,” said Art Chonko from the office of facilities services. “We hope to have everyone using the new stairs and entry sometime the week of [Sept.] 12.”

    In addition to the improvements listed above, Curtis has also received updates to the restrooms, service center, electrical systems and heating and air conditioning systems.

    Although Phase II of the project is not scheduled to take place until next summer, Chonko said that additional work may be scheduled over breaks.

    Facilities Services is doing their best to avoid disturbing student life with the work, trying to keep the impact on activities and operations to a minimum.

    “Once we finish the stair tower work, there should be very little impact if any on students. The work in the basement may cause a little noise, but for the most part, you shouldn’t notice anything happening,” Chonko said.

“We know the project has a significant impact on students’ lives, so we will do everything we can to lessen the disruptions. We’ll try to stay out of everyone’s way as much as we can.”

    While there is currently work in progress to allow the bakery area of Curtis to move to the basement, major work on the kitchen and servery areas will not come until next summer. For now, Facilities Services is working to finish up construction on the service center and the exterior of the stair tower, which will allow access to the Provost’s Dining Room without having to enter through the Curtis West lobby.