Managing Editor

Over 200 students showed up in Slayter auditorium to watch the first presidential debate, and they filled The Roost for the second.

The events were cohosted by the Denison Democrats, Denison College Republicans and NextGen.

“We definitely, last year, tried to start that collaboration with Denison College Republicans, and so this year, going into it, we knew that we that we were trying to be closer with them,” said Katie Elia ‘18, the president of the Denison Democrats.

“We feel like a lot of people on campus that are Republicans don’t really like to show it as much, necessarily, and so we really just want people to feel comfortable regardless of what they are and just come together and have fun.”

Students appreciated the collaboration. Nathan Czarnecki ‘18 said “I think that’s good. I think political parties are overrated and it shows a lot of people can come together and try to just become better informed citizens.”

Photo Courtesy of Owen Smith/The Denisonian