Sports Editor

With the crack of a bat and the cheer of a crowd, the road to the World Series begins.

While students hail from all over the world here at Denison, Ohio’s baseball heart is torn between Cleveland and Cincinnati. For the Cleveland Indians, clinching the AL Central Division title means continuing the winning streak.

For those not from Cleveland, it may look like a run down place. However, to the people that live there, the city is alive and flourishing after years of hard work and brotherhood. At the end of the day, Clevelanders look to sports to bring the city together.

The past two playoff games at Progressive Field in Cleveland were filled to the brink with fans, all roaring as The Tribe took two wins from the Boston Red Sox. After, winning the first game in a 5-4 nail biter, Cleveland cleaned up the second game in a 6-0 victory.

The Indians have a chance to make amends for their 2007 playoff run, where they lost to Boston despite being up 3-1 in the series. Cleveland baseball has had to struggle for years, getting closest to the playoffs when they lost the Wild Card series in 2013.

After the Cleveland Cavaliers ended the Cleveland championship drought, the people of the city are looking to the Indians to continue the “Year of Cleveland.” The prospect of another victory has the city booming with excitement. 

The Indians and Red Sox will continue to play and fight to be the team that moves onto the American League Championship Series, against the winner of Texas and Toronto series.  Whether you are from Cleveland or not, Ohio needs all the support it can get.