I love Female Orgasm! I saw it in the elevator. I love Female Orgasm! I saw it on the walls. I love Female Orgasm! I saw it on the website. Well, I guess I now know…YOU love Female Orgasm!

I am certain that you’ve read the name of the author of this article. Yep, it is me, Timothy Carpenter. You may not recognize my name because on campus I am known simply as “REV.” Why am I taking time to write about this? The truth of the matter is, I’m not! Though I used these words to get your attention my article has nothing to do with the subject of sex. Now, before you, “go there,” I am not a prude! In my duties as a Reverend and Pastor both my wife and I have counseled individuals and couples about sex for a number of years. Sex is a part of our humanity and is addressed in the Bible. I must honestly say though that I did debate with myself for a while about opening this article with the words, I love Female Orgasm!

What I do want to talk about is the freedom and comfort level of those who either shared or promoted the “I love Female Orgasm” project by putting up posters and/or inviting people to attend and the acceptance of those that saw the posters or exchanged dialogue about the event. It is great to know that we are a part of an institution that would allow such ideals to be explored and promoted in classrooms and other settings. I know personally of many places where such openness would never be tolerated and in fact they would be “shut down”. Here at Denison you have been afforded the opportunity to communicate your thoughts and interest in an atmosphere that encourages dialogue and interaction. How cool!

Now, may I ask you a question? Would you be offended if you saw posters that said, “I love Jesus”? Or, “I love Buddha”? Or “I love Allah”? What about, “I love No One”? What would you say if someone wanted to invite you to some sort of religious gathering? Are you getting my drift? Would that be wrong? If so, why? Someone might say, “that is too blatant and in your face” or “Religion should be private.” Really?  Female orgasms were everywhere! (I’m Just Sayin…)

I would like to challenge all believers to begin to openly share and promote those things that are of value to you. Faith should not divide us. Our beliefs should not separate us. What our faith and beliefs should do is elevate our campus to a level of acceptance and celebration of all who are members of our diverse community. Stop being so shy and timid about who you are.  Say without fear or apology, “I LOVE…”