The food options in Slayter here on the hill consist of your classic go-to, simple meals and snacks. You can get a burger, some pasta, or a big cookie. However one hidden gem many students overlook can be found at the sandwich station; the classic grilled cheese. With plenty of bread and cheese options to start, the other condiments provide students with everything they need to build the ultimate grilled cheese.  

A simple add like tomato slices creates a whole new variety of flavor to the simple classic. Furthermore, something you can literally always find and smell in Slayter is bacon. Bacon and cheese go hand in hand when it comes to putting together an amazing meal.

Another condiment that doesn’t get the attention it deserves is pesto. Asking for pesto on the grilled cheese adds an extra kick of saltiness and Italian zest that every sandwich is secretly missing.

On the theme of green, the avocado spread is high-key underrated. The creamy texture might make it seem strange to add to a grilled cheese, but take my word for it you won’t regret it. Avocado makes a good addition to any sandwich in Slayter.

The next exciting step that comes with any successful Slayter run is picking your side. Some days students are lucky enough to have the option of waffles fries; be sure to never pass up on the option of extra waffle fries. Other fried options that you simply can’t go wrong with are tater tots (sweet potato and regular), steak fries, plain old fries, and the occasional fresh chips.

Maybe the fried options aren’t what you’re looking to add to your cheesy meal. In that case Slayter has got you covered with a variety of options, one of the very best being the pesto pasta salad. Other options include a kale and craisin salad, coleslaw, other veggie mixtures, and the occasional fruit salad. These slightly healthier options can help add all kinds of variety to your meal.

To top it all off, head over to the market-like section to scan your dessert options for that day. If you’re lucky, you’ll find multiple black wire baskets overflowing with different kinds of giant cookies. The variety ranges from regular chocolate chip, m&m, double chocolate chip, white chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, and so on and so forth. Another unsung hero of the dessert section is the gluten free Buckeye brownie. Holy hell, if you haven’t tried this Slayter delicacy you’ve seriously been missing out. It’s the perfect combination of peanut butter and chocolate, and always come super rich. If you have time, pop it into the microwave for a bit to make it melty. Long story short, don’t underestimate the gluten free fake-healthy dessert options.

So, next time you’re walking into Slayter overwhelmed and unsure of which line to hop in, go right for the sandwich station and build your amazing grilled cheese. Are you adding pesto, or tomato? Maybe both? What cheeses, what bread? The options are endless, and all the decisions are yours to be made.