NINA COSDON & ISABELLA ANTONELLI — Now that the selling season is over, Denison students will miss the presence of the Girl Scouts and their cookies in Slayter.

However, students at Denison had mixed feelings about the Girls Scouts. While some tried to avoid them and the sugary temptation, others made sure that they carried enough money to afford the cookies.

Thomas Vondrak ‘19, a Biochemistry major, says, “I love Girl Scout cookies, but it’s hard to resist buying them in Slayter, a place I frequent so much each day. It really surprised me this year to hear them saying that they have Venmo.” Vondrak said laughing, “It was sneaky because I couldn’t just say I didn’t have cash on me without one of them asking for my Venmo username.”

Psychology and theater double-major Talia Zeiger ‘21 is also a fan of the cookies, but admires the girls themselves for the work ethic and determination selling cookies requires. “I think they’re adorable,” said Zeiger, “and they’re very smart for targeting college students who stress-eat. I’m proud of them for being little entrepreneurs!”

So, what brought the Girl Scouts to Denison?

This year, multiple groups took turns selling in Slayter. Girl Scouts Troop 2674 has been selling cookies for eight years, and has spent most of them at Denison. Allison Covey and her father, or self-proclaimed “Cookie Dad,” (both pictured) love selling here for one strong reason: “Denison students love cookies!”

Student’s love of cookies helps Troop 2674 to sell an average of 50 boxes on campus each day. Covey claims that Denison students are nice and respectable 98% of the time, even when they don’t want to buy cookies. She says that many students would even run back to their room for money when they saw the Girl Scout cookies.

Looking for cookie recommendations? Covey’s favorite are Trefoils, while her father likes to freeze Thin Mints and eat them with vanilla ice cream in the summer.

Sarah Stumpf, ‘20 an anthropology/sociology major, is a former Girl Scout and long-term cookie lover. “I’m really going to miss having the Girl Scouts on campus because they are so sweet and friendly. It was really nice to have such a great place to go to satisfy my cookie cravings. My favorite are Samoas (or Thin Mints) and really wish I had stocked up on more cookies, but definitely have something to look forward to next year.”

While the Girl Scouts are no longer on campus, you can bet they’ll be back next spring semester to sell more cookies to their favorite customers.