Ever since coming to Denison, I’ve noticed how easy it is to disconnect from everything going on in the rest of the world. At home when I came downstairs for breakfast the news was always on, so it was easy to catch any important points they mentioned that morning. The evening news was another consistent presence in my house, and was used as the perfect background noise to any evening. Even though I never sat down and paid super close attention to every little thing the broadcasters went over, I still caught things here and there that kept me up to date with events occuring on national and international levels. However at college, I never find myself turning on the TV in my dorm to just have on while I get ready for class. Whether that be because I don’t want to wake up my roommate or that I only have five minutes to get to class, it just never crosses my mind. Throughout the day I’m usually out of my room getting other things done, and at night it’s the perfect time to either study or catch up with friends. I slowly but surely began to notice how out of touch I was becoming with the world outside of Denison. If a shooting occurred, it wasn’t like in high school where we’d know in seconds. Where I more so see the effects of this lack of exposure to national news is what happens after an event such as a terrorist attack, shooting, or some other major event. I feel that students find out it happened, know that it’s tragic and has devastated the lives of many, but then aren’t exposed to all the debates and follow ups that precede these occurrences. However the after is so important, and it startles me to think about all the events taking place day by day that go completely over my head due to the fact that I just never watch the news. This is all pretty ironic considering I’m one of the News Editors of this paper, however being in an editor position I see how many stories are presented for publication solely on our tiny college campus. I can’t even begin to imagine what an editor at a major news corporation deals with on a day to day basis. After realizing how sheltered I have become to the world off the hill, I really hope to develop some sort of habit for keeping more up to date with everything going on in the world around us. It can be as simple as scrolling through the News App that comes with the iPhone itself. Snapchat even serves as an easy accessible news source through some of the bigger stories they publish. All in all, I just hope to pop the Denison bubble that’s begun to form around me in the past couple months on the hill.