Pondering upon Dresden’s Basket House, a large basket-shaped building near Newark, German artists Anne and Christian Manss reflected upon how size can translate to different medias in art history and in their personal work.

Anne Manss, a theatrical designer, has provided set and costume designs for productions around the globe. Christian Manss, a painter, has had his work in several collections around famous locations such as the Weisman Museum in Los Angeles.

In the Mellon Arts Across the Curriculum Proposal, Anne and Christian Manss will complete a seven-week residency that began on on September 14 and runs until November 4 at the Denison Art Space in Newark.

According to the proposal, “Christian and Anne Manss developed this residency project as an opportunity to forge an artistic bridge to Newark and its people, as well as Denison students and faculty.”

Christian Manss describes his intentions for the gallery, “We want to work on an interdisciplinary art show with painting, installation and theater—with young adults, interested people from the community and students from Denison.”

The Manss installation will be hosted in the Denison Art Space in Newark (DASiN). This installment will consist of an indoor replica of the Matterhorn, a mountain in the Alps, which will alter DASiN’s space. The gallery will be constructed with local materials from Licking County or other materials brought by workshop members, as mentioned in the proposition.

Anne and Christian Manss will look to address the theme of global community by combining representations of Dresden, Germany along with Newark & Licking County.

“We would like to build the mountain out of local material—for example: out of baskets [or] other material in the neighborhood,” Anne Manss said.

Additionally, “the artists will present weekly activities for Studio art, German, Theatre, and Dance faculty/students of Denison, and—the subject of this grant—workshops (in collage, textiles, and local seasonal themes) and talks for Licking County residents and school children that engage their participation in the installation’s formation,” in line with the proposal.

The Studio Art team remains ecstatic about the artists’ exhibit.

Ron Abram, chair of the Student Art department says, “For us in [the] Studio Art Program, receiving this grant allows us to host the creation of this dynamic residency project in our space in Newark. Majors and non-art majors in our program will be able to meet with Anne and Christian over an extended period of time—seeing and learning about their creative practice first hand.”

He went on to say, “Our students will be involved and learning in multiple capacities with them and working in the gallery. Symbolic of the Fine Arts Division at Denison, the project is interdisciplinary in nature merging visual and performing arts. Receiving the grant from the Ohio Arts Council also acknowledges the significance of our gallery and programming in downtown Newark as a space for the local community, and a place that bridges & creates dialogue amongst all of us.”

The DASiN is located on 23 West Church Street. Anne and Christian Manss will hold free weekend art workshops on Sept. 29, Oct. 6, Oct. 13, and Oct. 20.