College can be rough, especially when students stay up late and wake up early. Work is constantly flowing–there is a reading, or an assignment and students can’t keep up on their sleep, social lives, or let alone eating regularly. But there’s a solution: some cozy (and semi-comfortable) spots on campus to nap.


The Stacks in the Library (or almost anywhere)

If you don’t mind that the library is supposedly haunted, no one is going to care if you close your eyes for a few seconds–or hours– in the stacks. The stacks are rooms of the library where you are surrounded by books. You can also cozy up in one of the third floor reading rooms, in the corner of an individual study room or find a chair. An added perk: the lights turn off after 30 minutes in most rooms which is perfect for napping, but bad for a fear of the dark.


4th Floor of Slayter

Stories above the pit, the fourth floor of Slayter was newly renovated this past summer. There is a lounge welcome to all near the office of Gender and Sexuality, which includes decoration ideas given from upperclassmen students. Spread around the quiet floor are little “podlike” chairs along the back wall for you to cuddle up on. You can also look out the window for a nice peaceful view of A-Quad in between naps.


Common Rooms

This one could be more risky, but common rooms for dorms, especially quiet housing, can be a great place for a quick nap between studies. Be careful of people cooking–they might set off the fire alarm!


Barney Davis Basement

The old English building next to the library, Barney Davis Hall, has a secret study space. In the basement is a room at the end of the hall made for studying during finals week–there’s a couch, table, power cords and more. Burrow into this place during finals, or use the couch for a much-needed nap after class in the building.


4th Floor of Talbot

This is a popular study spot on campus–but also, a place where many people hit snooze. Corner desks at the end of the halls of each floor in Talbot offer a wooden bench with spectacular views of Deeds Field and Swasey Chapel. Use your backpack as a pillow and you’re all set.


The Quad

On a nice fall, spring or summer day, it’s easy to find a spot anywhere on the greenery of campus for a pit-stop. Most popular spots are in front of Curtis East and West and the grassy rectangular East Quad.


Knapp (for Naps)

Most classes are in Knapp and this means there are many hidden gems. Go to any floor and there will usually be a couch to snuggle up on after class, especially in the corner rooms. Be careful of incoming classes during the morning and afternoon though.

Finding places to nap can be difficult, but if in doubt, take some Nyquil and knock out right where you are.

(there’s a photo I have from Denison’s Facebook that I think is good for the article, I’ll email it separately if needed)