One. Two. Dip.

One. Two. Tap.

And repeat.

These are just a few of the instructions you’ll hear down at the Mitchell Center’s cycling room. Mitchell is known for its amazing aquatics center and complex gym facility, but many Denisonians seem to forget that free fitness classes are offered as well, one of which is cycling.

Now it’s easy to picture a cycling class as a slow paced class that consists of middle aged women, but the cycling classes at Denison are different.

They are intense, upbeat classes that will have you drenched in sweat by the time you leave. One benefit to these classes is the fact that instructors are Denison students themselves, so the classes never have a hierarchical-feel to it.

Last year, there were fewer instructors and the sign-up process was confusing to many students, making it difficult for them to secure a seat.

However, there has been a new spark in the program for this school year. There are now 6 instructors: Ellie Broker’ 20, Brooke Holland ‘21, Morgan Yarborough ‘21, Greta Levine ‘21 & Anna Bridge ‘21. Classes are now offered daily as well, which was not the case last year.

All of the instructors are passionate about being teachers and want to share their love of cycling with others. Morgan Yarborough ‘21, a Spanish major from Charlotte, North Carolina says cycling is something she truly enjoys doing.

I always loved taking cycling classes because it’s low-impact, fun, and a killer workout. Because of an injury I can no longer play a sport here at Denison and so teaching cycling is my way of helping me stay active while doing something I’m really passionate about. I love teaching at a studio at home, but teaching at Denison is so great because you meet so many more people from around campus that you wouldn’t normally meet and it’s a great setting for a new-comer to get introduced to this type of exercise,” said Yarborough.

The instructors believe cycling should be incorporated in everyone’s fitness routine because it has many benefits: 1. Burns calories 2. Improves cardiovascular health 3. Gives you a full body workout 4. Works your core muscles  5. Defines your legs 6. Lowers risk of injury

Ellie Broker ‘20, a Data Analytics major from Colorado Springs, Colorado believes cycling classes are beneficial because it is easy on your joints.

“It often does not cause the same knee issues that many people face while running, but is still a good workout!” said Broker.

If you’ve never cycled before, don’t worry. Anna Bridge ‘21, a Global Commerce major from Cleveland, Ohio has a message for newcomers: “Come excited and ready for a great workout. Cycling can be intimidating to some people but it’s important to remember that you’re in charge of your workout.”

In order to sign up, you’ll have to visit the “Denison Cycling” facebook page and book the times/days you want to join a class. The booking process is used through SignUpGenuis and classes are offered Monday through Friday with a wide selection of times.

Keep in mind there are only 10 bikes available for each class, and with high demand,  it can sometimes be hard to get a seat. Sign up fast if cycling interests you!

In addition to cycling, Mitchell offers other fitness classes, such as pilates, zumba and yoga.