RAY WALKER — Actions much are louder than words. Denison’s Curtis staff exemplifies that statement.

Community is preached and practiced all over campus. Denison emphasizes community. Many students have never really heard or seen this word used much or put into action before arriving on Denison’s campus. I heard student and faculty talking about this idea of community and about this great connected community.

I then saw this community in action.

I felt this flow of togetherness. I saw smiles, friendly faces, hugs, helping hands, laughter, love and I heard words of inspiration. A key word in community is unity. This Denison community is definitely a unit of hope, support and affection.

Have you ever just met someone and they were so pure that people just crave their vibes?

Well, two very distinct women in Curtis Dining Hall resonate so deeply with that vibe. They fully embrace and embody spreading that communal love with everyone they come in contact with. These two women are Ms. Catherine Stuck and Ms. Lynne Gleckler.

We don’t deserve these two women who are beautiful on the inside and out. A day hasn’t gone by where they’re not throwing kindness around like confetti. Their happiness glows throughout campus. Students are constantly talking about the warmth they bring and the love they give.

Stuck provided some background about her journey to Denison.

“In 2010 my son graduated from Ohio University and I was not a good empty-nester. I sold real-estate the whole time my kids were growing up so I could be active with their scholastic  achievements and athletic accomplishments. I was the house where all the kids came to so I knew I had to find a place to work where I could still be around kids,” Gleckler said.

She went on to describe how she went from just two kids to about 1,100 wonderful Denison students. The passion she has for working with students is indescribable.

The depiction of her favorite part about her job lies in getting up everyday and being surrounded by such great students and their fresh faces. She calls students at Denison: “An amazing group of individuals.”

Stuck admires the politeness and respect, and she is delighted to be in such an affectionate community. Her motivation for extending such joy is all embodied in her upbringing.

“The way I was raised is you get what you give. I wake up in the morning and my goal is just to be is happy as possible,” Stuck said. “It’s so much easier to have a smile on your face then a frown.”

Similar to Stuck, Gleckler defines the people at Denison as just amazing. Working at Denison for almost nine years; the students have always been her motivation and favorite part about her job.

“Every day the students come in and brighten my day. Your light just shines when you come in and it’s very easy to give back,” said Stuck.

From one kind person to the next, we see the love and affection they spread all over our community here on the hill.