KATIE KERRIGAN — One of Denison’s biggest debates, next to Laurel Kennedy vs. Cookie Sunkle, centers around which coffee shop is best.

Some people, like myself, have a coffee shop preference based on what I need that day. If I need a big muffin or bagel: Village Coffee. If I need a big, flavored iced coffee, go to River Road. When I need more intense caffeine flavor, its Village all the way. Am I looking for some study and chat time: River.

For me, it also depends on the season.

In the early fall and late spring I prefer to sit outside of Village Coffee and enjoy the weather under the umbrellas.

However, River road is the best autumn and winter vibe because of their mellow music and the lower level of chatter that occurs.

The rustic feel of River perfectly compliments the snow, especially when you are sitting in the little sunroom at the front of the coffee shop and you see the icicles slowly drip from the roof right in front of you. Next time you are look down at the rustic, weathered hardwood floors of River road during the winter, look at the little puddles of melted snow by the doors and then look at the brick fireplace, and I am sure you will feel that warm coffeeshop feeling you want on those cold snow days. It is just the perfect old house to sip a warm coffee in during the winter.

Okay so from that description, it seems like I prefer River, but let me tell you about the warm weather months. Picture this: the sun is shining, it’s 70 degrees, there is a slight breeze and you need a strong coffee to start your long morning at the farmer’s market. Where are you gonna get your caffeine fix: Village Coffee. It is in the center of town, less than a block from the market, making it the perfect location for those warm saturday mornings. Whether you take your muffin and iced latte to go or you eat it at the outdoor seating: it is the prime warm weather coffee shop.

So it is clear that my coffee shop preferences are heavily dependent on the weather, but what’s my preference when it comes to actual coffee flavor? Village’s coffee flavor is richer and I can taste the caffeine more, where as at River, I can’t taste the coffee as much. I have done some experiments by getting the same drink at both locations and then tasting the differences of flavor. I think it comes down to the type of coffee beans they use and that is what produces the richer, more dense flavor of coffee.

Okay finally, let’s talk homework. River is the homework-doing place to go on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. It is the best place to get work done and still mingle with friends. It has that quieter homework vibe that Village is lacking. I think of Village as more of a chit-chat type of coffee shop.

To make it clear: I love both of Granville’s coffee shops in many different ways. They are the pinnacle of Granville’s social interactions, for both Denison students and the general Granville population alike.

Both of the shops offer ever different vibes, so I think it is up to a person to decide which they prefer. There is not one that can be better than other because they are so different, but if I really had to choose I guess I would say Village Coffee because of the food and the richer coffee flavor.