KATIE KERRIGAN — My new favorite artist is without a doubt, Billie Eilish. Her sound is undeniably beautiful and creative, and that paired with her unique look and vibes makes her one of the revolutionists of our music generation.

I love that she is her own genre that combines all of these genres into one fluid and beautiful sound. This is partly why all of her songs are so unique from other artists as well as they are all different from each other. Each song has a particular feel and they each elicit a specific connection to something, which is the magic of them. There is a song for every feeling.

Happy or Dancey? Listen to “bad guy” or “bellyache.”

Sad? Listen to “when the party’s over” or “listen before i go.”

Lovesick? Listen to “wish you were gay.”

In love? Listen to “ocean eyes.”

Can’t define a feeling? Listen to “bury a friend

That is another great thing about her music, although some songs appeal to specific moods, many of the songs cannot be put under one umbrella mood because they can be listened to for most occasions. Also, there are so many amazing remixes to some of her songs that you can find a version that suits any mood. “bellyache- Marian Hill Remix” is a great one, as well as “ocean eyes – Blackbear Remix” because they both add a new twist to the already great song, making it even better. No matter how you listen or what version, I can assure you that every song will be catchy and easy to sing along to. Also, go listen to the song “i love you” and you can hear the way that she adapts the tune of “Hallelujah” to her own lyrics and puts her own twist on it while adapting her own lyrics to it.

Not only has she grown tenfold within the last year but she did so while being 17. She is 2-5 years younger than most of us and she has grown her passion into lucrative works of art.

Also, I just love the way that every song title is in lower-case letters. Her creativity and uniqueness never ceases. Her style is very laid back and authentic, which I find very refreshing. She does things on her own accord. For example, some of her music videos may seem kind of scary or frightening, but I think they are brilliant. It takes a certain type of creative mind to turn a chill song into a music video that seems to be straight from a haunted house. She has a vision and she turns it into a reality.

I think my favorite thing about her is that her singing voice and the beautiful music she creates is very different from the way you might think if you were to see her. I’ll admit it, I didn’t think her music would be my style. But boy was I wrong! I have learned my lesson about judging based on assumptions and I am glad that I gave her a chance.

Her unique sound is what has led her to grow in popularity so quickly in the industry: she is non-conforming and she does not seem to care about others’ opinions of her. I find her to be very down to earth and humble, and she has such a genuine love for her fans.

To conclude, I love Billie Eilish and I think that she is deserving of the title “artist” because she does more than just sing: she makes her unique and creative visions into realities and she turns everything she does (songs, videos, etc) into art. Everything about her I love. Now go listen to her new album, WHEN WE FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?

Katie Kerrigan ‘21 is a global commerce major from Barrington, Illinois.