“Dr. Kennedy is a tremendous leader,” Dean of Student Bill Fox said. “Beyond the Hill, she is so highly regarded by peers at other colleges and universities for her many accomplishments over the years and for the way she has expressed care and enthusiasm for the work of other leaders in our field. It will be fun to celebrate her in the coming months.” Photo courtesy of University Communications.

ALINA PANEK, News Editor—After 30 years of dedication at Denison, Vice President of Student Development Dr. Laurel Kennedy will be retiring at the end of the 2019-2020 school year.

It was announced on October 12 in an email by University President Adam Weinberg, who informed the student body about her commitment, legacy to the college and to thank her for her three decades at the college.

Many, including students and staff, have expressed their sadness after hearing this news.

The Denisonian will be writing a feature on Kennedy highlighting her work and commitment to Denison according to her and her colleagues.