The SteamRoller smart car is often seen making delieveries to Denison’s campus and around Granville. Although SteamRollers no longer accepts Denison Dollars, students on The Hill are often more than happy to pay out-of-pocket for their favorite bagel sandwiches, especially with the convenient delivery services. Photo: Sarah Scheuer

AARON SKUBBY, Asst. News Editor—SteamRoller Bagel Sandwiches was built on the dream of bringing the small college town bagel shop experience to Denison University.

One of the three owners, Jay Snyder, sat down with The Denisonian for an interview. SteamRoller is a small shop that sells all types of steamed bagel sandwiches. The shop brings a retro atmosphere, with rock music playing and a small video game system built into the table. There is the outline of a food truck on one wall, an homage to SteamRoller’s beginning as a food truck.

Snyder drew the inspiration for SteamRoller from his own time in college at Miami University of Ohio, where the Bagel and Deli shop is nearly a campus landmark. Snyder commented on his history with bagel sandwiches: “when I graduated from Miami,” he said, “I had to build my own restaurant in order to eat steamed bagel sandwiches again. We don’t want you guys to have to go through that!”

Snyder owns SteamRoller along with Corey Willis and Shane Richmond. Shane graduated from Denison in 2013, along with manager Travis Defraites. Snyder said that “it’s nice to have people around who truly understand Denison’s unique student culture, it really helps us to tune our product to be even more what Denison students want and need.”

While SteamRoller is greatly appreciative of Granville residents who are regulars, their first priority is to connect with the Denison student population. As such, SteamRoller appreciates any and all feedback from students. In order to help meet the needs of students, they have added new coffee choices and vegetarian options to the menu.

SteamRoller is looking to expand their space, potentially buying the upstairs space and adding more seating. They are also looking into creating franchises on other campuses.

Snyder explained the importance of a place like SteamRoller in the college experience. “The college experience is often about traditions,” he said, “where you order delivery when you are caught up studying and can’t get away, where you go on Sunday morning, and the flavors of those sorts of things stick with you. We also think its good for both students and for Granville for the students and community members to mingle. There are lessons both sides can teach, and we enjoy being the sort of place where that happens.”

SteamRoller also delivers, and you may see their blue smart car driving around campus. Snyder concluded by letting students know “we’re always open to your thoughts, ramblings, jokes (the more absurd the better), or insights. Email us any time at”