LIZ ANASTASIADIS, Managing Editor—This is a list of grants and funding resources for students. This information is available on the MyDenison student portal. These funds come partly from donations from alumni. They can be deposited into a bank account if you are set up with direct deposit through student accounts.

1. Knowlton Center for Career Exploration (Career and Grad School)

The purpose of this fund is to provide support for expenses related to career exploration and preparation for post-Denison success. Expenses that can be assisted are GRE/test fees and test prep materials, graduate school application fees, clothing and travel for an interview for grad schools or jobs, and their Denison Summer Internship Program. To learn more or to ask a question, email [email protected] or call (740)587-6656. 

2. The Lisska Center for Scholarly Engagement (Academic)

This fund provides financial assistance for Summer Scholar projects and support for conference presentations and independent/senior research. Expenses covered include a stipend, housing and research expenses for Summer Scholar projects, travel and fees for academic conferences (if presenting) and expenses associated with independent/senior research projects. Direct questions to Cookie Sunkle at [email protected] or call (740)587-6573.

3. Off-Campus Study (OCS) Office (Off-Campus Study for Credit)

Provides support for Denison approved Off-Campus study programs. Expenses related to off-campus study: tuition, fees, housing and travel. Amounts of assistance vary depending on your Denison financial aid package. The maximum amount granted is $8,600 and the student must have filed a FAFSA to be eligible. Contact Off-Campus Study at [email protected] or call  (740)587-6532. 

4. Horizon Fund (Off-Campus Non-Credit Experiences)

Provides support for enrichment opportunities related to academic and co-curricular interests (typically off-campus). Individual and group enrichment projects unrelated to Denison student organization activities or for-credit academic work. (The Horizon Fund does not cover curricular-related expenses). The maximum amount awarded is $1000 during a students Denison career. Grants are based on need level but all students are eligible to apply. For questions and more information, email Jenny Pearlman at [email protected] or call (740) 587-6208. 

5. Red Thread Grant (On-Campus Participation and Emergencies)

Provides support for campus engagement and co-curricular experiences typically on-campus, as well as emergencies and hardships. Hardships such as medical, dental and vision care not covered by insurance; seasonal clothing such as winter apparel; transportation (excluding regular holiday break transportation). Campus engagement and co-curricular expenses such as club fees, uniforms, tickets to CLIC sponsored events in Columbus. The Red Thread Grant is need-based and designed for high to medium need students. The maximum grant per semester is $300 and $1,200 during a student’s Denison career. To request aid, go to to fill out a google form. For more information, email Samantha Smith at [email protected] or call (740)587-5320. 

6. The Financial Aid Office (Curricular and Cost of Attendance Expenses)

Assists with expenses related to Denison coursework, curricular and meal plans. Varies from books, course fees, course supplies and other costs related to academic expenses. Award amount varies based on financial need (determined by the FASFA). For questions and more information, email [email protected] or call (740)587-6279. 

Bonus! The Red Frame Lab (Design your own free shirts and stickers)

Other fun (and non-career based resources) include the Red Frame Lab, located across from the mailroom in Slayter Union. There’s constantly snacks in there, along with workshops on how to design your own free shirts, stickers. For more information on this, email Steve Krak at [email protected]

Want help with your finances, whether it be balancing bills, learning how to save money and how to set up an investment account? Contact Samantha Smith, Denison’s financial wellness coordinator, for a meeting or with questions at smith[email protected].