GIGI GEORGE, Arts & Life Editor—Music shapes our memories. A song can bring you back to a moment, a person, a place. Some even have the power to shape a generation by creating a collective remembrance. So, it’s hard to imagine that some of these quintessential songs could get much better. And yet sometimes a new version will come along and outshine even the most classic tunes, bringing us to new moments, people, and places. 

These are covers that do just that. They will have you questioning whether the originals should even be called the originals. 

“Make You Feel My Love.”

Original – Bob Dylan 

Cover – Adele 

Although you can’t go wrong with Bob Dyaln, Adele’s impassioned style and soothing vocals bring an unmatched serenity to this classic song. By exchanging Dylan’s echoing synthesizer with a grand piano, she creates a comforting, acoustic sound that is distinct yet familiar. 

“Hammond Song” 

Original – The Roches 

Cover – Whitney 

Whitney’s cover of “Hammond Song” adds a layer of depth that is lacking in the original. With a fuller instrumental background and softer vocals, it captures the essence of the song in a new way that is both melodic and simple. 

“How Deep Is Your Love” 

Original – Bee Gees 

Cover – PJ Morton 

This cover remakes an iconic Bee Gees song into a jazzier, soulful tune. PJ Morton’s style and powerful vocals bring a unique sound that goes so well with the music it’s hard to imagine  it isn’t an original. 

“Back to Black” 

Original – Amy Winehouse 

Cover – BENEE 

Amy Winehouse was an iconic artist of her time whose powerful vocals made her music instantly captivating. Her unique style has always been hard to match, however; this cover does the song justice. BENEE, a young, up and coming artist from New Zealand, transforms the soulful “Back to Black” into a laid back indie pop anthem. 

“Rich Girl” 

Original – Daryl Hall & John Oates 

Cover – Lake Street Dive 

Lake Street Dive’s smooth vocal performance takes this song to another level. Their cover, which uses jazzy drums, piano, and trumpet, makes the music seem lighter than it does in the Daryl Hall & John Oates version. It is definitely a go to cover that exceeds any expectations from the original song. 


Original – Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers 

Cover – The Lumineers 

The Lumineers transform this classic rock and roll song into a folk masterpiece. Using a banjo, tambourine, acoustic guitar and accordion, they give it a sense of sadness and longing.


Original – Beyoncé

Cover – John Mayer 

These are two iconic artists of this generation, so it’s hard to imagine one version would be better than the other, however; John Mayer takes this well-known pop song and converts it into a breathtaking acoustic piece. His soft vocals and soothing guitar in combination with Beyoncé’s heartfelt lyrics creates a song that is perfectly happy and sad. 

“Simply the Best” 

Original – Tina Turner 

Cover – Noah Reid

This cover is a more updated take on an 80s pop jam. Noah Reid’s version strips back the upbeat, catchy song to just his voice and the guitar, allowing for the original lyrics to shine through. It is simple and heartwarming.