By Golzar Meamar
Assistant Arts and Life Editor

Find it hard to fully understand the components of California’s Proposition 8 or the case that has taken it to the Supreme Court? Thinking that Ohio has got nothing to do with it? “8” tells it all.

Queer Studies Senior Seminar put on a reading of the play “8” in The Roost on Sunday, April 7, at 2:00 p.m., which served to bring the issue that is currently at play on a federal scale slightly closer to home, or at least, to more thoroughly explain the court case and its proponents. Though the power went out at the very beginning, the actors put on a powerful performance.

The actors touched on many points in the reading, making the play very interesting and helpful to those who may not know much about the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) issue on a federal or even state level. It was plain English mixed with some political jargon that was simplified in the scenes that followed the court scenes.

The play touched on problems that all members of the LGBT community and allies encounter, such as ignorance, fear, and even just plain misunderstanding of what lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender are. “8” served to show those who attended just what is at stake with the upcoming decision to be made in the Supreme Court.

The reading was well planned, and the play, written by Dustin Black, was informative. The representation of Proposition 8 and the issue itself was mapped out, using the stage as a courtroom and showing small breaks of how Proposition 8 affected the family at hand specifically. These breaks in the courtroom action took the time to show the personal effects of what these rulings are doing to families.

Showcased were superb performances by Leona Vander Molen ‘15, Devin Daro ‘14, and Caroline Swaller ‘13. All brought to the stage a different emotional connection to the case and portrayed it accurately, while Maggie Jones, Karen Bullock ‘13, Curtis Edmonds ‘15, and Sam Heyman ‘14 portrayed the lesbian and gay relationships that the play focused on. This helped highlight problems society can have with LGBT couples.

Overall, the play was a success and was well-attended as well as informative. The Queer Studies Seminar should be proud!