By Laura Carr


Loud chatter and a hum of activity greet you as you step into The Nest, Denison’s most recent late-night snack hotspot.

Formerly known as The Roost, The Nest is run by a combination of Bon Appetit and student workers. The joint serves a selection of comfort foods, including delicious flatbreads, melts and gooey macaroni and cheeses. The Nest also offers fresh sweet tea, lemonade and berry lemonade, along with the standard chips and

Bon Appetit cookies. The Nest’s signature s’mores brownie is also a fan favorite.

The best part about the food is that it is made to order, so everything comes out piping hot. The portions are generous although the selection is limited to unhealthy food covered in cheese–leaving out options for the gluten and lactose free students.

The atmosphere in The Nest is welcoming and lively. It is rare to venture there on any given night without running into a few familiar faces. After a night at the Sunnies, The Nest is the perfect place to stop on the walk back to East Quad. Because of its convenient location on A-quad, The Nest is equidistant from most residence halls on campus, making it easier for a wider range of students to access it.

Amanda Peiffer ‘16, a mathematics major from Richfield, Ohio, is enthusiastic about The Nest. “I’m addicted to the sh*t,” she said. “I go there every night and they’re accepting meal swipes. It’s like the Bandersnatch, except slightly more efficient.”

Bon Appetit Board Manager Julie Mulisano is excited about the prospect of having another social space on campus where students can sit back and enjoy good food.

“I think The Nest is so much more of an open space [than Slayter],” she said. “Students can gather there and do whatever they want to do, whereas downstairs at Slayter it seems more driven towards the food. The way the ambient light hits upstairs at The Nest is just comfortable. I’ll leave there at 3:30 in the morning and there are still students sitting there in the chairs having philosophical discussions.”

The Nest also couples as a study spot for students. “I do all of my homework there,” said Peter Rudd ‘17, a chemistry major from Chicago, Ill. “[I did it there] before it was The Nest, so now I have friends to come and do homework with me.”

The food and service rivals that of The Bandersnatch, and the two will definitely be fierce competitors for the weeks to come, especially since The Nest now accepts meal swipes on Sundays through Thursdays.

Be sure to arrive early or be prepared to wait, because lines tend to grow here

Photos Courtesy of Nelson Dow