By Teague Magner

Staff Writer

Hiding behind the hill of Denison, in the valley by the athletic fields, lies Lamson Lodge.

Resting in the shade of the trees, this house is approved for students to use as one of the new social spaces. Students have the ability to register this for a social gathering or party, and alcohol may be involved as long as the host follows the procedure that has been put in place.

Currently on Denison’s website it states, “A popular site for departmental events and student gatherings, Lamson is also often rented for private picnics, family reunions and graduation parties. It features a large fireplace for winter events and, for the warmer months, a porch and lush lawns.”

What was originally supposed to be a Sigma Chi Philanthropy event has now turned into a student leading an initiative. Just recently Will Koontz ‘15 proposed an additional amenity to Lamson Lodge. It is his goal to add a fence to Lamson Lodge to add an outside area for students to drink within its boundaries.

The proposed fence would be 210 feet long and would cost $4,000. Koontz hopes to have the project completed by the end of April.

“Hopefully it will be used a lot next fall kind of like a beer garden,” he said. “I am just trying to give back to campus and make social spaces better.”

Students have differing perspectives regarding the fence and surrounding social spaces in general.

PJ Fallon ‘16 said, “I’m open for any new idea to get students out of the Sunnies.”  However, he added, “You run the risk of having a rain out whenever you plan something that is outdoors with Ohio weather.”

Grace Putman ‘16 disagreed, saying, “I think it boxes us in like animals.”

Maddy Kern ‘16 does not know if the fence will be much help. “The stress of having to register spaces and get sober monitors and such seems to deter students from taking advantage of these spaces,” she said.

It seems to be a matter of the lack of interest in partying in other places besides the Sunnies.

First year students seem to be more optimistic about the fence.

“Putting a fence around Lamson Lodge would be a great addition to the Denison party spaces because it would create a safe and controlled outdoor space for students to party,” Charlie Hoffman ‘18 said. “Currently, there is no designated outside party space on campus.”

Hoffman pointed to the fact that Denisonians should take advantage of Denison’s beautiful campus when the weather is nice.

Eliza Evarts ‘16 said that she is “excited about the opportunity to socialize outside with alcohol.”

Sigma Chi has raised $2,000 from an alumni donation so far.

If you or your organization would like to donate please contact Will Koontz ([email protected]).

Photo Courtesy of Hai Nghiem