By Amelia Hitchens

Features Editor

The memory of Gus McGravey ‘12 will never be forgotten here at Denison University.

McGravey passed away as a result of an accident that occurred while he was visiting Spain in the summer of 2011. This trip took place while he was studying abroad in Germany.

McGravey was a communication major and German minor entering into his senior year when he passed.

This past weekend, Denison’s Phi Delta Theta fraternity held their annual golf outing in honor of McGravey.

Friends, family and fraternity alumni were welcomed back to Granville’s Raccoon International Golf Course to participate in the outing.

Money was raised by selling t-shirts and signs, and collecting donations.

The total amount is then put toward a scholarship in McGravey’s name.

The scholarship fund was established at Denison by the McGravey family shortly after his death.

The Phi Delta Theta fraternity takes pride in continuing the legacy of Gus McGravey through this scholarship.

The fraternity stays in close contact with the McGravey family especially during the planning of their annual golf outing.

Josh Happ ‘18, a member of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity, explained the nature of the event. Happ said, “we invite a ton of fraternity alumni back to play and meet each other in his name and for the fraternity.” He later described his favorite part of the event. “The best part was on a specific hole,”  Happ said.

“Everyone ended up coming together to meet up and hang out and Gus’ mom took a few shots off the tee.” 

Happ said that it was great to have McGravey’s parents in attendance supporting the fraternity. Ben Duhoski ‘18, another Phi Delta Theta brother, added that McGravey’s mom “hit a nice tee shot and everyone got excited.”

Being the fifth year anniversary of McGravey’s passing, the event received a great turnout.

Duhoski said, “this is the fifth year I believe, so all of his friends came back.”

Happ added, “The turnout was awesome. I think around 64 people played and a lot came and spectated.”

In addition to a great turnout, the participation of the Phi Delta Theta brothers is also outstanding.

Phi Delta Theta Quinn Rudner ‘18 said “Gus was known for his luscious mustache.” He went on to explain, “every year for this event, every member of Phi Delt attempts to grow a mustache.”

Rudner described the event as “actives and alumni playing a round of golf.”

He also added, “anyone can attend the event.” Another member of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity, Hannibal George ‘18, added, “overall it was a great day for golf.”