Arts & Life Editor

The music and concerts for the fall semester are enough to fill up the calendar on their own, let alone working alongside other events on campus.  But the Department of Music is not backing down this semester; in fact, they are amping things up with several festivals, musicals, concerts and guests.

The department kicks things off with a faculty jazz ensemble on Sept. 23 and the Bluegrass on Main Street Festival on Sept, 24.  The festival is in downtown newark and always has a big turnout.

Dr. Ching-chu Hu, the Chair of the Department of Music, says, “They close down some of the streets and there’s music and food vendors and stuff for the whole day.”

The Suzuki Recital is another highly anticipated event because it gives students a chance to view some perhaps unforeseen performers: children.  The recital, which is scheduled for Sept. 25, features kids “anywhere from 5 to high school kids,” says Hu.  “those are really interesting little concerts and you can come and see what they’ve been doing with faculty.”

The next ticket item is the Vail Series concert on Oct. 6 featuring Gabriel Alegria and the Afro-Peruvian Sextet.  The Vail Series has been running since 1979 and has been a great opportunity for students to interact with talented musicians and artists.

“These are sort of big ticket, A-level stars,” says Hu.  “We make these residencies a bit more collaborative…the top performers don’t just come in and then play and leave but they also work with students and meet students.”

In addition to all of these events, Singer’s Theatre presents their fall musical Spring Awakening on December 1 and 2.  The musical Hu says, was a “great hit on Broadway and was just revived in New York City combining the hearing-impaired actros with the singing actors.”

Though the sign language is not expected to be incorporated in the Denison version, it is still very exciting as Hu says it “usually packs a full house.”

Right up to winter break, the music department continues its run of events, from the 20th annual Denison Jazz Guitar Festival in November, to the end of the semester recitals.  With the variety of styles exhibited by the department, there is something for everyone to enjoy this coming semester.

Photo Courtesy of Noor Qadri