If you are looking for pizza bagels or milkshakes on campus, you are going to have to wait a few weeks before you can indulge at The Bandersnatch.

On February 14th, Denison students were notified via email that one of the late-night eats spot on campus, The Bandersnatch, would be temporarily closed and would not be reopened until after returning from Spring break, which takes place from March 17 – 25. The email, sent from David English, V.P. for Finance & Management here at Denison stated,

We have been informed that in a recent inspection by the Licking County Health Department, the student-operated Bandersnatch Coffee House received several violations. In order to fully address the violations and prevent a recurrence, the Bandersnatch is temporarily closing. We hope to reopen after Spring Break. This time will enable staff to examine the management, operations, and the menu for the operation and to work with students who operate the Bandersnatch to resolve the issues. The Nest in 3rd floor Slayter will continue to provide after-hours food and beverages between 8 pm and 1 am, seven nights a week.”

The closing of the popular Bandersnatch caught students attention, and they wondered what could have possibly caused the establishment to fail inspection. For anyone who has visited this spot that’s famous for its “Snagle” and numerous milkshake combinations, you’re familiar with the scene.

Students work diligently behind the counter, taking in and serving order after order in the fast paced setting. Upon placing your order, instead of leaving your name, you are handed a card from the popular game “Cards Against Humanity”. Once they call your card, you know it’s time to head back up to the counter and grab your order.  

In order to address the questions and concerns of students wondering what exactly is going on in attempt to better the Bandersnatch, the faculty and management staff have given a personal statement.

They said, “The Bandersnatch is a student-run business that is currently undergoing some much-needed updates. These improvements are well overdue and we hope that our customers are able to understand that our sudden closure was solely due to positive advancements for our business. These advancements include updating our kitchen so that there are less complaints of waiting times, requiring all staff members to receive food-safety training, and a new schedule that accommodates both the customers and the Bandersnatch staff. In the near future, we hope to renovate the Bandersnatch space to better suit the needs of the student body as well as the staff. With this, the Bandersnatch plans to re-open after Spring Break, and we look forward to showing off these improvements.”

Meanwhile, Huffman Dining Hall was cited by Licking County Health Department for “Observed various cracked and broken floor tiles collecting water in dish area” on February 16. This is a noncritical mark. Curtis Dining Hall has three noncritical marks, which are “Observed dust accumulation on standing fans in the dish machine area, observed saturated ceiling tiles in the main preparation and serving areas and observed food debris on floor underneath serving preparation tables, on floor perimeter around dry storage area, on floor in employee locker room leading to dish machine room.” These marks were made on February 8, 2016. These records can be accessed on Licking County’s health inspection website.

With improvements to come, members of Denison’s campus have a lot to look forward to upon the return of the Bandersnatch. After getting back on campus once spring break comes to an end, be sure to make your way over to the Bandersnatch to check out all the new improvements made, and get a much needed pizza bagel and milkshake combination.