MIA CATILLO — In the plethora of banana bread slices and Susie Sunshine’s oreo cake pops that line the shelves of Slayter, there has been a new addition of sweets to our beloved Slayter Market.

Their name is cashew cookies and they are taking over by storm. Made by the Gluten and Grain Free Gourmet Company in Heath, Ohio, these cookies are paleo, gluten free and vegan, but still have the taste of a normal chocolate chip cookie.

The Gluten and Grain Free Gourmet Company was founded by Jen Cuevas in 2014. Cuevas was dealing with an illness that couldn’t be explained in 2013. At that point, they had tried every possible option in figuring out what was wrong. She went out on a limb and started a gluten-free, grain-free and soy free diet and her health drastically improved.

Shortly after she started the diet, she wanted to share her experiences with other people. First, she became a support group leader and then transitioned into becoming a certified coach and national wellness speaker.

What makes these cookies so unique to any other product in Slayter is the organic ingredients that consist of them. The ingredients in a cashew cookie are; organic coconut milk, organic coconut sugar, molasses, cashews, sea salt, baking soda, brown sugar and dairy-free dark chocolate.

Why are these cookies so good you ask? Katie Aucamp, ‘20 and communication major, says, “They are easily my favorite cookie, they are moist but still have the flavor of what normal cookies taste like. I tried them for the first time last semester and get one at least once a week since.”

After sampling the cashew cookies, and the vegan dark chocolate squares that Slayter regularly has, I agree the chocolate chip cookie is the best product. With mini chocolate chips and a soft consistency, the cashew cookies is the most flavorful.

I would rank the dark chocolate squares after, and the dark chocolate cookie last. The dark chocolate square while good just doesn’t add up to what “real” dark chocolate actually tastes like. Sometimes you just can’t substitute dairy.

Lastly, I would rank the dark chocolate chip cookie last because of its soft texture that makes it seem stale rather than fresh.

When Slayter employees were asked for their opinion on the cookies, they were in agreement that these, along with kombucha, are some of the highest selling products Slayter has to offer. This makes sense because they are sufficient for everyone’s dietary needs, but still have the great taste that everyone looks for in a chocolate chip cookie.

When sophomore Connor Howe was asked about the cashew cookies, his response was ecstatic. He says, “Because I’m ahead on declining I buy a couple cashew cookies in the beginning of the week so they last me. They usually don’t run out of these but I always stock up just in case.” In recent weeks Slayter has provided cashew cookies everyday in Slayter, and when they are low they are almost immediate on restocking them because they are such a high grossing item in the market.

For the ultimate experience, microwaving these cookies for 15 seconds heightens the taste and melts the chocolate chips to make it taste even more fresh, almost as if they are out of the oven. The only catch is that these cookies are priced at $4.00, very pricey. But there are ways to get around this-find someone extra on declining and stock up. They are worth it!